EcoSpeed Motor Specifications

Motor Type:
Brushless DC with EcoSpeed Velociraptor intelligent motor controller

Rated Output Power*:
1000 Watts (EcoSpeed large frame motor)

Motor Operating Voltage Range†:
Velociraptor Controller: 18-60V

Maximum Motor RPM:
Large Motor: 3600 rpm

Current Limit:
Velociraptor Controller: Programmable up to 1500 Watts total input power♦

Motor Efficiency:
Approx 90%

* We rate our motors based on the power that they can usefully supply in typical e-bike operation. This means you can get the full rated power “almost” continuously. The Velociraptor controller will automatically reduce power if the motor and controller are pushed so hard that they begin to overheat. This will typically happen on very long and steep grades or continuous top speed running on very hot days.

† With a geared mid-drive system such as ours, performance is mostly determined by motor current. Voltage is not as important. We recommend 36 Volt or 48 Volt battery systems for our Electric Mountain Drive, and 48 Volt nominal systems for the Electric Mid-Drive, though either will work at either voltage.

♦ Maximum current is usually determined by the battery. The Velociraptor controller cannot be programmed for more current than the battery can safely supply. Also, the current limit cannot be set to allow the 1500 Watt power limit to be exceeded.