Our Team

Meet the EcoSpeed Team

Brent Bolton

Brent Bolton with his customized BikeE FX with EcoSpeed drive, which is great for trail riding.

Brent Bolton, an electrical engineer with a degree from Rice University, is the founder and CEO of EcoSpeed. Brent spends most days and some nights on product design and engineering. When he is not programming motors to spin just right, or drawing up new parts he can be seen, if you are quick, riding his Gold Rush Replica with ERRC handlebar bags, Terra-Cycle/Windwrap fairing, and purple tailsock.

He commutes between home and work but also likes to take his Gold Rush out on night rides when he can have the roads and bike paths mainly to himself. He enjoys Indian food, bacon, and very decadent and creamy pastries.

He grew up in Texas and, among other things, worked as a race car mechanic and driver but moved to the Pacific Northwest partly for the great kayaking and river guiding opportunities. His superhero name at EcoSpeed is Head Sprocket.

Brad Davis

Brad and his dog Zoey ride to work on his EcoSpeed co-powered Burley long wheel base recumbent.

Brad Davis is the Operations Manager at EcoSpeed.   He started at EcoSpeed as a summer volunteer while going to school in 2007.  He has since graduated with a degree in Human Studies and a certificate in Business Management from Marylhurst University.

Brad oversees the manufacturing process of your kit from start to finish, does custom installation work, and handles our repair department.

Brad is passionate about the cycling industry and domestic production in particular.  Brad’s own ride, a Burley recumbent, was made in Eugene, Oregon and has a build list including components from Paul, Chris King, TerraCycle, and White Industries.

Brad also works with cycling industry manufacturers and vendors to create collaborative long-term growth projects for EcoSpeed and provide more options for our customers.  His superhero name is Nomad Brad.

Ian Winter

Ian riding our shop cargo bike, a Portland made Metrofeits, with EcoSpeed Mid-Drive. We often use this bike to pick up parts from our local suppliers.

As an Electrical Technician at EcoSpeed Ian can be found hunched over controller boards, soldering switches and doing the final assembly and programming of each Velociraptor motor controller.

Ian is also a talented photographer and is responsible for many of the EcoSpeed photos you see on our website and up on facebook.

Ian loves to commute by bike and is a full-time student studying mechanical engineering. When not at EcoSpeed or studying he can be found in the gym or eating eggs.

When you need your controller reprogrammed or a throttle adapter wired, Ian is the one behind the scenes putting it together. His superhero name here at Mid-Drive HQ is Blue Lightning!

Tom Seaman

Tom Seaman prototypes a custom Mid-Drive motor on his folding Kokopedli bike.

Tom works in the shop building kits seasonally and also enjoys prototyping new designs.  His superhero name is Kokopedli, which happens to also be the name of the folding bike he has designed.

Tom Moxon

Tom volunteers as EcoSpeed’s Vice President of Engineering and designed of our motor controller’s hardware.

Tom Moxon is also the founder of Moxon Design, an electronics design consulting organization. He has designed integrated circuits for a number of client companies, including Cray Research, Adobe Systems, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Rohm, and Hyundai Electronics.

Tom is currently working on new display electronics.  Tom’s superhero name is TM-Flash due to his ability to light the ride!