offroad titus ecospeed erockstar (1)


If you’ve been looking for an electric motor that can get you back up the mountain after that downhill ride…you’ve found it. 

Our motor is warrantied to 1300 watts or almost 2 horsepower which means doubling or tripling your uphill speed.

We’ve redesigned our system with off-road riders in mind:

  • Motor clearance is now higher than the chainrings.
  • Mountain system fits with a wide variety of tube shapes and diameters.
  • Our system weighs about 10 pounds plus batteries with nearly 2 horsepower boost when you want it.
  • Our motor recently got quieter so you whirl over trails with nearly the same stealth as without the motor.
  • Our system is compatible with a variety of battery and mounting options and you’re not locked in to one location.

Our Mid-Drive: Downtube Mount (triple chainring crankset) is our kit for off-road systems.  Details and Pricing