commuter ecospeed (5)

Imagine commuting by bike. 

If you have visions of  sweaty clothes, and hill climbs that never seem to end, get ready for a paradigm shift…

Electric bike commuting isn’t something we at EcoSpeed do as a sacrifice for the planet.  We ride because we love it! 

We can often, in the city,  beat car traffic by riding around it.  We never get sweaty unless we want to.  A breeze is never an foe and a hill is welcomed….and, yes, it does feel good to be part of the solution.

Imagine cruising to work, arriving fresh, and only pedaling as hard as you want without breaking a sweat.   As pedestrians and drivers observe you, curiously and maybe enviously, it is hard not to wave and grin the entire trip.

After work it’s easy to pick-up groceries, go out of your way for an errand, because with our standard 30-50 mile range battery you’ve got lots of reserve power.

If you are ready to get a system of your own for an upright commuter bike check out our Mid-Drive: Downtube Mount (triple) for a bike with a front derailleur or Mid-Drive: Downtube Mount (single) for one without, with just gears in back.

Want to hear more? Hear from our commuting customers.