Box Bikes

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Imagine riding your box bike as a family, or hauling groceries, or both…with ease.

  • Cargo bikes and electric assist fit together and EcoSpeed’s electric assist has the power necessary to climb with cargo.  Start-up entrepreneurs with mobile businesses, families, and box bike enthusiasts are contacting EcoSpeed because they’ve seen one of our box bike kits online or heard that our mid-drive system can handle the stresses of some extra weight.
  • Whether you are hauling kids to school and would like to have an optional boost at your fingertips or helping a friend haul some stuff (as described in this Bicycling Magazine article), the EcoSpeed mid-drive system for box bikes gives the 1300 watt motor lots of leverage while still keeping the total weight of battery and system to about 22 pounds.
  • Haul over 200 lbs of cargo plus box bike and rider…no problemo.  With our new controller setting you can boost a  1000 pound vehicle up a 5% grade.
  • We partner with delivery businesses to help them expand their range to hilly areas.
  • Our Box Bike system replaces the crankset and bottom bracket with a freewheeling crankset and Phil Wood bottom bracket and mounts to the bike using custom brackets or clamps.
  •   Currently we have brackets designed for the Bullitt cargo bike by Larry vs. Harry.  We also have many custom clamps that fit other box bikes such as the Metrofiets, manufacturered in Portland, Oregon.  Of course, we can manufacture clamps or brackets for just about any box bike that comes into our shop.
  • We also partner with folks that are doing even heavier hauling and help them create custom pedal-electric solutions, like the Truck Trike, in our custom shop.

Doesn’t your company deserve a custom pedal-electric ride that is healthy for employees and the planet?