Cargo Bike: CarGoAway – Utility Horse an EcoSpeed Collaboration with Ti-Cycles

It has been great collaborating with Ti-Cycles on their innovative boxbike/longtail cargo bike!

Two local companies create electric assist cargo bike, Portland Tribune, July 12, 2013

Here are a few extra photos from our collaborative project with Ti-Cycles, a Portland bike builder, introducing the aptly named CarGoAway – Utility Horse.


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (2)


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (3)


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (4)


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (5)


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (6)


EcoSpeed News Ti-Cycles Utility Horse (1)


  1. the ram truck of e-bikes.
    americans will always like bigger is better.
    why bother with pedals if you got all this e-power?

    • Riding with the motor is just a blast, this allows many of our customers to move from occasional recreational riders to daily commuters. They still pedal most of the time because they love to ride and get the exercise. But when it comes to hill climbing with cargo, the electric assist of a mid-drive makes a huge difference.

  2. John H. Ritter says:

    A thing of beauty! The passenger seat is the icing on the cake! Truly I love it!!!!
    I want one to improve upon, and to present to young people with less petrified/more malleable minds to improve upon even more!
    Now… Why not use at least one hub motor wheel for regeneration when going down those steep hills, (if for no other reason)? (It already has 2 non-motorized wheels. I am suggesting replacing one or both of them with hub-motor wheels.)
    With rider, passengers & cargo: there is enough inertia, at even 10kmph, to be worth harvesting instead of turning into waste-heat by means of (I gotta go look at what kinda brakes.) 180 or 185mm disc brakes. The argument that the likes of Lance Armstrong on a bike that weighs 31% less than nothing contains only a minuscule amount of inertia, even at top speeds; simply does not apply to practical cargo-carrying vehicles. Hybrid-hybrid: pedal/mid drive/hub motor = best of several worlds.

    • Thanks for the kind words John! As the loads increase regeneration can make more sense, like you are saying. If this is running empty it is nice to just keep it lighter and nimble without a larger hub motor.

  3. Eugene Pan says:

    Is there any plan to encase the belt drive and motor? It seems it would be a hazard if you wanted to use this bicycle to carry small passengers, with the one closest to the seat would be very close to the moving parts. Also, I realize that you are promoting electric motor transport, but would there be a possibility of having something like it without the added weight and cost of the motors and batteries. You don’t see many longtail bikes with cargo carriers.

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  1. […] into the design it has the power to haul all of that load up the steepest hills.”  Here is a link to more pictures of this e-cargo bike.  No word on price, but I believe it will be up […]

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